Boys start learning languages from Prep class upwards with the aim of encouraging a positive attitude to communicating with others in a globalised world.  Research shows that creativity is enhanced when learning a new language and also helps pupils to gain sympathetic insights into the culture of the countries where the language is spoken.

All language lessons taught at Loyola are provided by specialist language teachers. 


Boys are taught Spanish on a weekly basis by Signora Kellaway and topics include colours, numbers, days of the week, months, introducing oneself, courtesy phrases, short conversations, food, family and Spanish customs and traditions throughout the year.


As part of Loyola's Gifted and Talented programme, Latin is taught in a small group to those pupils in Figures and Rudiments who have demonstrated a natural flair for languages.  Latin is taught by Mrs Pereira.


From Prep class upwards, pupils can apply to attend a French Club, run by Madame Bird, held at lunchtimes and after school.  There is an additional charge for this club.