History lessons closely examine the thrilling stories of prehistory and the dawn of civilisation (Pre Prep 1), the Ancient Greeks (Pre Prep 2), the Romans in Britain(Prep), The Saxons and Vikings in England (Elements), and the Norman Kings of England (Figures) and the Tudors (Rudiments).  

The aims of the History curriculum are:

  • to instil a lifelong interest and commitment to the study of history
  • to provide a background of general historical knowledge and understanding appropriate to each boy's age
  • to provide an understanding of chronology and of cause and effect in the affairs of Man
  • to provide an understanding of the main demarcations of Western historic periods
  • to introduce the skills of data collection, the recording of information and the dissemination of information: note taking (from Elements), formal essay writing (from Prep), the use of internet research (from Pre Prep)
  • Key stage 1 pupil skills are related to listening to and reading historical stories, the retention of facts and the preparation of both written and illustrative work based on them
  • to examine the nature of sources and evidence
  • to provide a range of methods for historical investigation: classroom teaching, historical field trips and subsequent field studies, textual materials including books and the internet
  • to encourage discernment in the use of materials and the ability to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant sources of information
  • to discourage plagiarism by encouraging the use of bibliography and quotations in historical reporting.