About our school

"From the youngest children onwards, pupils' achievements are excellent as are their attitudes to learning.  The overall quality and standards of the EYFS are excellent , successfully contributing to the achievement of the school's aims of providing an environment in which children feel secure and can grow in confidence and self-esteem whilst also encouraging all children to reach their full potential."  Independent Schools Inspectorate Report 2013

Loyola is an independent school for boys aged 3 to 11. Many boys join Kindergarten at 3 where they have the benefit of small class sizes and a caring, trained staff. They quickly become comfortable in the nurturing environment of the school as they practice their social and group skills and start to develop friendships that last throughout their stay. 

At 4 the boys move into Reception 1 and Reception 2 in two phases associated with whether they are born in the first half of the academic year (between September and January) or the second half (January to August) where they also develop basic skills in writing, reading, maths and science, before moving into Key Stage 1 (ages 5 to 7) and Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 11).

From KS2 (at 7+) the boys are setted in English and maths for two hours a day and the curriculum expands further to include German as a modern foreign language, PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education) and reasoning.