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March 14th 2018  11+ places gained through selective examination to independent schools.  Note: Not all boys took the same number of exams.  Some took only one; some did not sit for independent schools at all.


Thierno Diallo

Michael Dong

Raymond Ezihe

Arthur Johnson

Tenny Marianayagam

Jensen Puvaneswaran

Bishop’s Stortford College

Thierno Diallo (music scholarship)


Ethan Ash

 Tomas Balnionis

Thierno Diallo (scholarship)

Michael Dong (scholarship)

Krish Fakunle

Arthur Johnson

Tenny Marianayagam (scholarship)

City of London Boys

Thierno Diallo

Michael Dong

Tenny Marianayagam (scholarship)


Ethan Ash

Tomas Balnionis

Regan Creasey

Thierno Diallo

Michael Dong

Raymond Ezihe

Arthur Johnson (scholarship)

Tenny Marianayagam (scholarship)

Matthew Reid (scholarship)

Tami Unuefa

Haileybury College

Thierno Diallo (scholarship)

Michael Dong

Aaron Huang (scholarship)

New Hall

Bobby Pope

Arthur Johnson

Gabriel Mehlman

Jensen Puvaneswaran (scholarship)

Ryan Silva

Regan Creasey (scholarship)

Thierno Diallo (scholarship)

St Aubyn's

Christain Cartlidge - Rainford

Tami Uneufa (scholarship)

St Edmund’s College

Ethan Ash

Tomas Balnionis

Riley Bennett

Christan Cartlidge Rainford

Regan Creasey

Krish Fankunle

Arthur Johnson

Matthew Reid

Ryan Silva

Tami Unuefa

Harry Webster

Windlesham Hall

Tom Whitby

March 7th 2018  Jensen achieved places at five grammar schools altogether.

March 2nd 2018 Further commendations to Michael Dong and Tenny Marianayagam for offers to Ilford County High and to Aaron Huang for gaining a place at the Royal Grammar School Colchester. 

March 1st 2018 In our first notifications of secondary state school results, well done to Jensen Puvaneswaran who has achieved Grammar School status at St Olaves and to Thierno Diallo who has emulated his brother Lamine in passing the Redbridge exam for entry to Ilford County High School.

March 1st 2018  Congratulations to Tom Whitby and his brother Oliver who have achieved success at Windlesham House School in West Sussex, a well known boarding school.

February 26th 2018 Recent rugby results:

 U9s A team v St Aubyns drew 7-7

U9s B team v St Aubyns drew 7-7 as well

U10s v St Aubyns won 11-10!

U11s  v St Aubyns lost 2-4
U9s A team v Brentwood won 9-6
U9s B team v Brentwood narrowly lost 8-9
U 11 team v St Edmund's drew 2-2
U 10 team v St Edmund's drew 7-7


February 18th 2018 11+ results notified so far (school listing):

Bancroft's - Six places, two waiting lists

Bishop's Stortford College - one music scholarship

Chigwell - Three academic scholarships, Two places, three reserves

City of London - One academic scholarship, one place, two waiting lists

Forest - Three academic scholarships, seven places, one waiting list

Haileybury College - Two academic scholarships; one place

New Hall - Three academic scholarships, four places

St Edmund's College- Ten places, two waiting lists

Windlesham House - One place


Bancroft's - one place

Chigwell - one place, two waiting lists

Felsted - one place

Forest - one place

Brentwood - two places


January 20th 2018 Recent rugby and swimming results:

U11s Rugby v Brentwood - a very understrength side lost (we think!) 12 tries -0
U8s Rugby v St Eds - lost an entertaining game after a slow start only 13-12 tries

U9s Rugby v St Eds - lost a very tight game only narrowly by 3-2 tries

U11 Forest Swimming Gala - 

25m breaststroke : Charlie Gell 1st in heat

25m backstroke: Arthur Johnson 2nd in heat (to Sam Boulton of Daiglen!)

25m frontcrawl: Bobby Pope 2nd in heat

50m frontcrawl: Zach Garfield 1st in heat (despite only in year4)

Individual 400m medley: Zach Garfield 1st in heat

Our 4 x100m freestyle and 4 x 100m medley relay team also came 2nd in heat in both races.

December 8th 2017 First draft of Lent Term 2018 calendar:





Week 1 Cycle A


Tuesday 2nd

Staff training day

Non pupil day


Wednesday 3rd

Breakfast Club recommences 7.15 p.m.

Pupils return 8.30 a.m. 

No choir after school

After School Club commences 3.15 p.m.

Homework Club commences 3.15 p.m.

Thursday 4th

Elements swimming commences

Weekly business staff meetings commence 8.15 a.m.

Saturday 6th

Chigwell 11+ Scholarship and Entrance Examinations

Feast of the Epiphany

Week 2 Cycle B


Monday 8th

Figures and Rudiments French commences

Under 9 soccer squad training recommences 3.15 p.m.

Tuesday 9th

String Orchestra commences 8.30 a.m.

Schola commences 3.15 p.m.

Weekly staff curriculum meetings commence 3.15 p.m (mission statement)

Wednesday 10th

Rudiments led mass with Fr Selvini 10.45 a.m.  

Elements and Prep French commences

Choir commences 3.15 a.m

P.T.A. Meeting 7.30 p.m.

Thursday 11th

Under 11 rugby training commences

Pre-Prep 2 soccer recommences

Friday 12th

Under 11 rugby v Brentwood

Under 11 soccer squad training begins

Saturday 13th

Forest 11+ Scholarship and Entrance Examinations

Week 3 Cycle C


Monday 15th

City of London Boys 11+ Scholarship and Entrance Examinations

Mrs Payne attending English as an Additional Language course

Governors’ Meeting 7.30 p.m.

Tuesday 16th

Interschool Swimming Gala – Forest School  4p.m.

Wednesday 17th

Mr Nicholson attending Catholic Independent Schools Conference in Liverpool

Figures led mass with Fr Page 10.30 a.m.  

Staff Meeting (Mission Statement) 3.15 p.m

Thursday 18th

Mr Nicholson attending Catholic Independent Schools D.F.E. and I.J.C. Census Day

Under 9 and Under 8 rugby v St Edmund’s

Friday 19th

Mr Nicholson attending Catholic Independent Schools Conference in Liverpool

Elements rugby commences 3.15 p.m.

Saturday 20th

Bancroft’s 11+ Scholarship and Entrance Examinations

Week 4 Cycle A


Monday 22nd

St Edmund’s 11+ Scholarship and Entrance Examinations

Tuesday 23rd

Rudiments Badminton and Trampoline training commences 8.45 a.m.

Staff meeting 3.15 p.m. School trips and risk assessments

Mr Nicholson inspecting as ISI Team Inspector

Wednesday 24th

Mr Nicholson inspecting as ISI Team Inspector

Elements led mass with Fr Bossy 9.30 a.m.  

Thursday 25th

Mr Nicholson inspecting as ISI Team Inspector

Figures rugby training.  

Friday 26th

Under 9 soccer v. Chigwell

No Under 11 soccer squad training

Prep rugby training recommences

Week 5 Cycle B


Wednesday 31st

Prep led mass with Fr Selvini 10.45 a.m.  

Under 10 rugby v Widford Lodge



Thursday 1st

Last Under 11 rugby training of the year

Friday 2nd  

Candlemas Day

Under 8 and 9 Rugby v Forest

General Subject reports to be filed for Mr Nicholson

Week 6 Cycle C


Monday 5th

7+ Open Morning 9.30 – 11.00 a.m.

Staff Appraisals p.m.

Tuesday 6th

Staff Appraisals

Wednesday 7th

Pre-Prep 2 led mass with Fr George 10.30 a.m.  

Thursday 8th

Under 9 rugby v St Aubyn’s

Friday 9th

Under 10 and11 rugby v. St Aubyn’s

General reports issued (Reception – Figures)

Half Term commences 3.15 p.m.

Wednesday 14th

Ash Wednesday

Friday 16th

Issue of local entrance examination and scholarship results

Week 7 Cycle A


Monday 19th

Half Term ends 8.30 a.m.

7+ entrance exams

Tuesday 20th

Staff Meeting – Understanding Children’s Anxiety 3.30 p.m.

Wednesday 21st

Rudiments led mass with Fr Bossy 9.30 a.m.  

Governors’ Visitation Day (tbc)

Thursday 22nd

Under 9 rugby v Brentwood

Friday 23rd

Under 11 rugby v St Edmund’s

Week 8 Cycle B


Tuesday 27th

Staff Meeting – Understanding Children’s Anxiety 3.30 p.m.

Wednesday 28th

Owen House led mass with Fr Waller 10.45 a.m.   



Thursday 1st

Coopersale Hall Cross Country

Friday 2nd

Under 10 soccer v. Brentwood from 10.30 a.m.

Elements rugby training concludes for the year

Week 9 Cycle C


Monday 5th

Governors Finance Meeting 7.30 p.m.

Tuesday 6th

Staff Meeting – Formation of Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting

Wednesday 7th

Figures led mass with Frs George and Michael 10.30 a.m.  

Parents Evening re Ski Trip 6.00 p.m.

Thursday 8th

Kinetic Theatre Company Down to Earth – performances 9.15; 1.30 p.m.

Under 9 rugby – St Aubyn’s Tournament 2.30 p.m.

Mrs Ferrari Memorial Concert All Saints Woodford -  time tbc (but evening)

Friday 9th

Under 10 soccer and chess v Brentwood

Prep rugby training concludes

P.T.A. Quiz Night

Week 10 Cycle B


Wednesday 14th

Elements led mass with Fr Waller 10.45 a.m.  

Tbc Spring Music Concert 7.00 p.m.

Thursday 15th

Under 11 cricket trials 3.20 p.m.

Friday 16th

St Patrick’s Day

Under 9 soccer – Forest Tournament

Saturday 17th

Ski trip departs

Week 11 Cycle C


Monday 19th

St Joseph’s Day

Trustee Meeting 7.30 p.m.

Wednesday 21st


Prep led mass with Fr Page 10.30 a.m.  

Young Shakespeare Company performing to Upper School

Saturday 24th

Ski trip returns

Week 12 Cycle A


Monday 26th

Interhouse Soccer from 1.00 p.m.

Tuesday 27th

Staff Meeting – to update data inputs 3.15 p.m.

Wednesday 28th

Dramatisation of the Passion of Christ 10.30 a.m.

Rudiments General Subject Reports issued

Term ends 3.15 p.m.



Wednesday 18th

Pupils return for Whitsun Term 8.30 a.m.

December 8th 2017  Chair of Governors Mrs Fox received a letter formally to congratulate Loyola for again being listed as one of the top 100 schools in the Sunday Times Schools Guide 2018.

December 7th 2017  Football teams score 42 goals in a week:

Under 11s: Loyola A 7 Chigwell A 0; Loyola B 20 Chigwell B 0 (Regan 3, Gabriel 2, Josh 5, Christian 5, Arthur 6, Alfie 3, Aaron 1, Lucas 1)

Under 10s (playing Under 11 opposition); Loyola A 1 Forest A 1; Loyola B 1 Chigwell A 3; Loyola B 2 Forest B 1; Loyola B 0 Forest A 3; Loyola A 2 Chigwell A 1 ( Artie 2, Josh 3, Frederick 1)

Under 9s Loyola A 7 St Aubyn's A 0; Loyola B 2 St Aubyn's B 0 ((Arty 2, Zareb 3, James 2, Bieant 1, Chase 1)

November 29th 2017 Programme and service sheet for Concert and Carol Service on December 5th:

Loyola Preparatory School – Concert of Christmas Music

1.      Choir (Head choristers: Tami Unuefa, Aaron Huang)


2.     String Ensemble (led by Thierno Diallo)


3.     Choir

Carol Service

1.       Opening Prayer (Mrs. Tidmarsh)

2.       Lighting of Advent Wreath by Raymond Ezihe

3.       CAROL: Light the Advent Wreath 366

4.       CAROL: (577) Once In Royal David’s City(Verse 1: Solo – Tami Unuefa and Aaron Huang)             

5.       First reading – The Annunciation (Arthur Johnson)

6.       CHOIR: Ave Maria Most Favoured One

7.        Second Reading: The Birth of Jesus (Thomas Conlon Murphy)

8.       CAROL: Stille Nacht / Silent Night 643 (Verse 1 sung in German by Choir)

9.       Third Reading: The Shepherds (Josh Mackaill)

10.     CHOIR: Do You Hear What I hear?

11.     Fourth reading: The Magi (Jamie Evans)        

12.     CAROL: The First Noel 692

13.     The birthday of Jesus (Mr Nicholson)

14.     CAROL: I saw a star 282

15.     CAROL: (643) Adeste Fidelis/O Come All You faithful (Verse 1 sung in Latin by Choir; verses 2 and 3 in English by all)

November 24th 2017 Extracts from letters received today:

1. From Mr. Andrew Wright, master of Music at Brentwood Cathedral -

"I am writing to you to thank you enormously for kindly allowing the choristers from Loyola Preparatory School to sing for the  Mass at St Edmunds, Ware.  They were absolutely superb and please can you thank them from us all here.  It was a wonderful conclusion to the Centenary and a very special venue.  The music went beautifully ....  You must have been very proud of their singing.  We received a very large number of appreciative comments from both the clergy and Cathedral House staff who were there."

2. From Fr Stephen Myers, Episcopal Vicar for Eduction, the Diocese of Brentwood -

"I feel that I should write to you regarding the involvement of the pupils and staff of your school at the recent celebration to mark the end of the Brentwood Diocese Centenary.   Not wishing to overstate the superlatives I must state that I found the singing of the pupils wonderful, their behaviour impeccable and their engagement in the Mass exemplary ... I feel that they are a credit to the school, their families and themselves."

November 24th 2017 Recent sports results:

Under 11 soccer:  Loyola A 13 Forest 2; (Gabriel Mehlman 4, Lucas Le Voir 4, Regan Creasy 3) Loyola B: 9 Forest B 1

Under 10 soccer (St Aubyn's Tournament 10th November): Loyola 4 St Aubyns's B 0; Loyola 2 Woodford Green Prep 0; Loyola 2 Bancroft's 0; Loyola 4 Avon House 0; Semi Final: Loyola 1 Bancroft's 0; Fina:l Loyola 2 St Aubyn's A:0  Loyola Champions.  (Lucas Le Voir scored 11 goals; Massimo Giordano in goal did not concede a single goal)

21st November: Loyola A 5 Woodford Green Prep 0 (Alfie Brennan 3) Loyola B 11 WGPS 2 (Josh Mackaill; 3; Frederick Robinson 4)

Under 9 soccer: 15th November: Loyola A 4 Ursuline Prep School Ilford 0; Loyola B 3 UPSI 4; Loyola C 0 UPSI 4.

Under 11 rugby: 22nd November: Loyola 30 Widford Lodge 36 (5 tries to 6). Loyola fought back from being one try to five down in a dramatic and entertaining match Gabriel Mehlman (2), Arthur Johnson and Tami Unuefa (2) all scored tries.

Under 9 rugby: 17th November: Loyola A 9 tries (45 points) New Hall; 1 try (5 points) (Ciaran Brett 5);  Loyola B 9 New Hall 4 (45-20 points)

November 3rd 2017  Recent sports results :

Under 11 soccer: Essex Small Schools tournament (19th October): Loyola 0 Great Waltham 0; Loyola 3 West Horden 0; Loyola 6 White Notley 0; Loyola 4 Great Easton 0; Loyola 2 Little Hallingbury 1; Final: Loyola 1 Great Waltham 0 Loyola champions

(13th October): Loyola B 10 St Aubyn's 1;

Under 10s soccer: St Edmund's Tournament (7th October) : Loyola 1 St Edmund's A 0; Loyola 0 Duncombe 0; Loyola 2 Avon House 0; Loyola 0 St Josephs in the Park 1; Loyola 2 St Aubyn's 1 (after penalties) ; Loyola 3 St Joseph's 1 (after penalties) Loyola champions  3rd October: Loyola A 4 St Aubyn's 0; Loyola B 2 St Aubyn's 0.

Under 11 rugby New Hall Tournament (8th October): Loyola 0 Bedford 2; Loyola 0 Felsted 5; Loyola 0 St faith's A 3; Loyola 1 Bishop Stortsford College 6; Loyola ) Belmont 5; Loyiola 1 New Hall 1; Loyola 1 St Paul's 1.  20th October: Loyola A 4 New Hall 0; Loyola B 1 New Hall 3.

Under 10 rugby (10th October) Loyola 4 Bancroft's 6

Under 9 soccer  (12th October) Loyola A 1 St Edmund's 3; Loyola B 4 St Edmund's 2

September 18th 2017 The Under 11s, starting the season as current National Small Schools Champions, began with significant success at the Chigwell Tournament - they played six, won five, drew one, lost none, scored twelve and conceded nil.