Our parents

"The school's links with parents, carers and guardians are excellent.  In the pre -inspection questionnaires parents were overwhelmingly positive about the school and expressed their confidence in the support given to their children." Independent Schools Inspectorate Inspection Report 2013.

Good relationships with families are extremely important to the school and we pride ourselves on involving them in their son’s journey through Loyola.

A number of reports are sent throughout the year to parents of boys in Reception 2 through to Year 6, as follows:

Parent/teacher meetings take place in the Christmas and Whitsun terms. Parents are also welcome at any time to make an appointment with their child's class teacher or the Headmaster to discuss any aspect of their son's performance. Class teachers are also contactable by email.

The Headmaster distributes a detailed newsletter every month that keeps parents informed of all dates and events. It also outlines successes of the school as a whole, as well that of individual children. Parents are encouraged to attend various events during the school year including the carol service, instrumental and choral concerts, plays, sports' day and Academy (the school's speech and prize day).