Results & Inspection Reports


11+ Independent School Exam Results 2018


6 places

Bishop’s Stortford College

1 music scholarship


3 academic scholarships; 4 places

City of London Boys

1 academic scholarship; 2 places


3 academic scholarships; 7 places


2 academic scholarships ; 1 place

New Hall

3 academic scholarships ; 4 places

St Edmund’s
St. Aubyn's
Windlesham Hall

12 places
1 academic scholarship, 1 place
1 place

In total this constitutes fourteen scholarships and thirty - eight places. Scholarships were gained from seven different schools. 
Congratulations in particular to our scholars: Tenny Marianayagam (City of London, Chigwell, Forest) Thierno Diallo (New Hall, Haileybury, Chigwell and in Music to Bishop’s Stortford College), Aaron Huang (Haileybury), Arthur Johnson (Forest), Tami Unuefa (St Aubyn's), Matthew Reid (Forest), Michael Dong (Chigwell), Jensen Puvaneswaran (New Hall), and Regan Creasey (New Hall) . In addition, Michael Dong passed the very demanding preliminary test for Harrow School.    

Grammar School places achieved: Ilford County High (4), St Olave's  (1), Royal Grammar School Colchester (1), King Edward Chelmsford (2), Queen Elizabeth's Barnet (1), Bromley Grammar (1).

SAT Results 2018 (Papers were done in school and marked externally)


82% of pupils met or exceeded national standards

English Reading

91% of pupils reached or exceeded national standards

English Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

82% of pupils reached or exceeded national standards

(National result statistics: Maths - 76% of 11 year olds attained national standards; English Reading: - 75% of pupils; SPAG - 78% of 11 year olds attained expected standards)  July 11th 2018