Our school year is divided into three terms: Christmas, Lent and Whitsun. All together there are 175 school days with up to 3 days for in-service staff training. There are three half-term holidays: one week in October, one week in February and two weeks in May/June. There are three term holidays: aproximately three weeks at Christmas, three weeks at Easter and seven weeks in the summer.

Term dates 2017/18

Boys start
Boys finish
Teacher training days &
public holiday

Christmas 1st Half Term

Tuesday 5th September

Friday 20th October

Monday 4th September

Christmas 2nd Half Term

Monday 30th October

Friday 8th December (1/2 day)


Lent 1st Half Term

Wednesday 3rd January

Friday 9th February

Tuesday 2nd January

Lent 2nd Half Term

Monday 19th February

Wednesday 28th March


Whitsun 1st Half Term

Wednesday 18th April

Friday 25th May

Tuesday 17th April

Monday 7th May

Whitsun 2nd Half Term

Monday 11th June

Friday 13th July



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