Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 comprises Years 3 to 6 in classes Prep, Elements, Figures and Rudiments. 

During their first year of Key Stage 2 boys become more responsible for their own progress and are encouraged to take an increasing interest in broadening their horizons. The timetable is now subject-based, more on the lines of a secondary school and the boys also start studying German. The majority of subjects are taught by the class teacher while Prep's teaching assistant provides extra help with the core subjects every morning. The boys also have a weekly double Art/DT lesson.

When they move to Elements boys are put into sets by ability for English and maths. Boys have weekly swimming lessons in addition to their regular Games sessions. Reasoning is introduced as a new subject. Geography, History, Games, German and ICT are taught by specialist teachers and homework increases to about 45 minutes of homework nightly.

Figures is an academically demanding year and boys take part in many excursions, which cater for all tastes and curriculum areas. The boys are prepared for the many and various demands of Rudiments (Year 6). One hour's homework is set every night together with reading. To provide the most appropriate level of work for every child, the boys continue to be streamed for both English and maths. Our Science curriculum covers: life cycles, sound, Earth and Space, changing state, keeping healthy and gases all around us, which we approach (as far as possible) from an investigative perspective.

Rudiments, the final year of Key Stage 2, is when boys take entrance exams, interviews and SATs. A wide curriculum is taught, including the core subjects with RE, Geography, History, German, PSHE, Music, ADT and Games. The boys learn about themselves and their strengths, and how to use their talents to serve their Loyola community as mentors and role models.

When the exams are over, the class travels to Normandy for a five-day residential trip, which includes visits to view the Bayeux Tapestry, World War II beaches, a nuclear submarine and a sweet factory. At the end of term the boys perform a play for their parents and the rest of the school.